Easy Tips to Simplify The User Experience

There are endless possibilities when it comes to building a great user experience on your website including navigation, social media, content, and imagery. The list goes on and on which allows for digital clutter to build up quickly. At the forefront of your design should be user experience. Focus on creating a simple site that’s easy to navigate—follow the KISS principle!


Simplifying your website can go a long way in improving user experience. Whether it be taking advantage of existing device functions (such as mobile-friendly websites returning to the top with a tap at the top of your screen) or removing unnecessary distractions (like too many call to actions, buttons or links), simplifying generally creates a better user experience. This ultimately means more conversions for you!


A simplified web experience means having exactly what you need and only what you need so the user flows smoothly through your content. Links, buttons, and functions that are not optimized and flexible for all viewing platforms can all be distractions that confuse your users and inevitably lead them astray from the original purpose.

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