5 Tips for Maximizing Your Online Content

At the heart of your online strategy is great content (if it’s not then we probably need to talk!). From your website to SEO strategies to social media, content is king. If you aren’t putting a concerted effort into creating GREAT content, you’re not maximizing your potential on the web.

Here are five ways for you to improve your content overnight:

1 – Provide Your Readers With Value

First and foremost, you must provide your readers with value. Simply creating content for the sake of creating content is not enough. In order to keep your audience engaged, you have to create content that provides real and actionable value. Give your readers useful information that they can apply themselves. By positioning yourself as a resource, eventually, you’ll reap the benefits.

2 – Write for Both Types of Readers

Everyone processes information a little bit differently. Some will skim your content and others will read every single word. The key here is to provide subheadings for your skimmers and detail in the paragraphs for those who need more information.

3 – Write Copy That Your Audience Needs and Understands

A good place to start when drafting your content strategy is with your FAQs from customers. What questions are you getting a lot? Create content that answers those questions and put it out, “on the line!” Doing so positions you as the expert and will make clients more likely to call you when they have a need.

4 – Add Images

You should always be including an image with your posts. Especially in the case of social media, a great image can mean the difference in getting the click or not.

5 – Include Relevant Keywords

Search engines are ranking the content on your website to determine its relevancy based on the search query. Including the appropriate keywords in your copy will help with search engine optimization.

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