Designing for Your Content

Design is everything you see. ​When designing your website, remember that your site will not only be viewed on the computer but on every possible digital platform. A designer’s job is to create a cohesive look that ensures your brand looks great on all platforms. The content on your website is what tells your story and helps sell your product. Showcasing your content in an effective way is the most important aspect of a designer’s job.


There are a few ways to approach designing for your content. The most common way is to start on a desktop computer, which then gets translated to various size screens that are usually smaller. The issue with going from big to small (computer to phone) is trying to squeeze the same content into a much smaller area while also considering the limitations of a mobile device. The solution then would be to start small and go big. This is called Mobile First, a current buzzword in the design community. The issue remains—big to small and small to big won’t always translate without usability being compromised. Considering the optimal design for content will make it easier to display the content on any device. Case and point, think about your users and how they will view your content and design with them in mind.


The balance of content is an art. To achieve the balance, you must start with content first. If you take into account who is using your website and what the end goal of that user is, you will have a good foundation for building a functional and usable website. It can be big to small or small to big. It should not be dictated strictly by one or the other, it should be customized for your brand content first.


Thinking about your content before you think about the device will make you more flexible with the design, as well as create a streamlined and easy user experience. So if you hear buzzwords such as Mobile First, make sure your designer has your content in mind, not just a defined method that may or may not work for your brand.

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