The Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Digital From Your TV/Radio Rep

First, I think it’s important to touch on why TV and radio stations are even selling digital solutions. Think about your TV watching habits for a second….are you DVR’ing everything except news and live sports? Most people are, which means these big media conglomerates have had to adapt their business model to survive and stay relevant. People are spending more time online than they ever have.

I spent about seven years of my career as a television/radio/digital rep for various affiliates in the Midwest; I think that qualifies me to write this piece! I’m here to tell you why you should refrain from buying any digital marketing from your TV or radio rep. I get it, you’ve likely been working with that rep for some time and have built a solid, trusting relationship. Here’s the side you may not know about:


Here’s what you don’t see….every “solution” they call you with is coming from a place of needing to hit a digital quota. They’re calling you because they know you trust them and will likely buy anything they put in front of you. Are your best interests really at the center of their quota driven world? I’m in no way bashing the work that these wonderful people do—after all, I was one of them for the better part of my career! What I’m saying is that they get put on probation, or even worse, lose their jobs if they don’t meet their quotas.


Much of the work they are doing from a digital perspective is outsourced to a third-party provider. That means, if you need an ad modified or pulled down quickly it really can’t happen immediately. They have to put in a request and it could take 24-36 hours to make a change. This isn’t the end of the world, but it is an inconvenience!


They don’t specialize in digital marketing, they specialize in television and/or radio. (See point 2, they have to outsource it because they don’t fully understand the digital world.) They understand just enough to be able to sell you on it. Wouldn’t you rather work with a partner that specializes in digital marketing?

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