Should You Incorporate Infographics into Your SEO Strategy?

Have you ever had an idea that was too big to squeeze into a 500-word article? A successful SEO strategy lives and dies by your ability to publish ongoing, meaningful content that provides value to your target audience and incentive to keep clicking again and again; however, when a trending topic is too complex or contains a large volume of relevant information, producing content that effectively simplifies information for the reader can be a serious challenge.

An infographic is a visual representation of text-based content like news stories, datasets, statistics, etc. Infographics are valuable for a variety of reasons, but their trademark feature is their ability to take complicated, sleep-inducing topics and present them as bright, flashy, exciting visuals for readers. Infographics are an ideal complement to your SEO strategy and offer you a chance to boldly spread awareness of your brand more effectively to your target audience as well as untapped markets.

Revitalize Your SEO Strategy

Before we really delve into why infographics can boost the success of your SEO strategy, let’s rewind for a second and refresh ourselves on the three main components of a typical SEO strategy:

  • On-Site Optimization: the content, structure, and layout of your site should keep users engaged beyond their first click. Streamlined navigation, internal links, and unique content can keep users on your site longer.
  • High Quality Content: your content should be valuable, timely, properly formatted, and published regularly to improve your SERP visibility. We perform comprehensive keyword audits to ensure that content is easily searchable.
  • Off-Site Authority: if your brand is only represented on your website, your SEO objectives will flounder. Build off-site authority to generate inbound links from high-authority sources. This goal can be met in a variety of ways, but the key is to limit links that appear spammy or unrelated. Representing your brand on social media is one surefire way to build off-site authority.

If you can accomplish your SEO goals by focusing on these three SEO pillars alone, why should you incorporate infographics into your ongoing content? The answer is quite simple; infographics are infinitely shareable and more engaging for your target audience. Plus, they empower your brand by establishing you as a thought leader in your respective industry.

Infinitely Shareable

The information depicted in an infographic can be time-sensitive, but unlike written content, infographics have a tendency to outlive their information. This is because visual content (which is commonly evergreen) isn’t explicitly tied to a publishing date like written content. Skillfully designed infographics appear timeless, and as a result, they are shared more frequently and for longer periods of time than your traditional shared content. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. That means the value of a single infographic can be worth 40 times the value of a single piece of written content.

Boost Engagement

The reason users prefer to engage with visual content is determined by the hardwiring in our brains — we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. That means processing an infographic is 60,000 times easier than written content based on the same topic. Visual content produces more shares on social media and equalizes the playing field for people who want information but lack the time or patience to read an entire article. Although it’s imperative to maintain a strong ongoing content campaign utilizing written content to improve your SEO ranking, your customers are more likely to engage with visual content like infographics when browsing social media or visiting your site.

Empower Your Brand

At Leverage Digital, our main objective is to develop your brand’s image and improve your online visibility to help you connect with your target audience, but we’re also interested in helping your brand reach its potential. When you publish high-quality content, you empower your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Branded content, especially infographics, have a tendency to trickle down the business hierarchy to be used as a resource in small businesses and startups. When this happens, you have effectively established your brand as a thought leader which bolsters your authority and the value of your services significantly.

If your brand is benefitting from a successful SEO strategy, it’s time to allocate resources into expanding your brand’s visibility with new forms of content. 45 percent of B2C marketers believe visual content, like infographics, is their most important type of content. Infographics are not only evergreen and infinitely shareable, they are more likely to provide real value to your target audience and help establish your brand as a pioneering force in your industry.

At Leverage Digital, our in-house team of content strategists can help you improve your brand’s online visibility through a comprehensive, ongoing content campaign. We create content that answers your target audience’s biggest questions to foster trust and dependence through well-researched, timely articles and compelling visual content. After all, the success of every SEO strategy depends on quality content and a dedicated team like Leverage Digital.

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