Shooting Trendy Video Content on a Budget

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, it follows that one of the most important aspects of branding is imagery. Whenever your customers interact with your brand, their brains relay sensory information from your visuals to develop a perception of your company. Everything from your color palette to choice of fonts affects your target audience’s perception of your brand.

And that’s only your static visuals.

Visuals are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Your target audience will engage with visual content more readily than written content because the human ability to process visual information is substantially more streamlined. The Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) found that “the human brain can process entire images that the eyes see for as little as 13 milliseconds,” which means that well-worn cliché isn’t as ridiculous as you might believe.

If your brand is already running a successful marketing campaign utilizing a combination of SEO and PPC reinforced by original visual content, intelligent web design, and a dedicated social media presence, you should consider taking your visual content to the next level with video.

The idea of entering the audio-visual space can seem imposing and unrealistic, but with the help of our award-winning digital marketing agency, you can produce trendy video content on a budget that demonstrates its worth with measurable results.

Video Stories

A video story is usually comprised of a series of short clips that combine to tell a story, deliver a message, entertain your audience, or explain a product, promotion, or service. Generally, video stories expire after 24 hours, which means there’s no time to get lost in pre- and post-production. Your story is meant to be timely and spontaneous. It should give your target audience more insight into your brand. Fortunately, video stories are inexpensive, customizable, and easily branded:

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Creating a unique graphic to introduce your story will grab your customer’s attention. Since video stories are primed for mobile, you’ll always be shooting in 1080px by 1920px.

Although you can start posting stories on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at anytime, you want to be wary of what you post and always post with intent. It only takes a few minutes to shoot and post a story, which gives your brand the freedom to supplement your content output frequently, but posting for the sake of posting isn’t advised. Your brand should always aim to provide value for your target audience.

Another feature of video stories is the ability to broadcast live and engage in real-time chats with your target audience. Perhaps you’re hosting a birthday party in the office and want to let your customers be a part of the celebration, or maybe you need a platform to disseminate timely information about a new piece of legislation that will affect your brand; either way, live stories create active engagement for virtually zero investment.

Nonetheless, these easy to use but powerful tools are best utilized in conjunction with a veritable marketing strategy. Shooting your own video stories is fun and easy, but if you want to maintain the identity of your brand, consult with a digital marketing agency before proceeding with any haphazard video content.

Interviews and Testimonials

Shooting your own commercial is a costly endeavor. Video production companies usually bill by the hour, and the time it takes to brainstorm a concept, shoot a commercial, and edit it in post-production can take a substantial amount of time. The goal of any commercial is to attract new customers by showcasing your value, but we often find that a utilitarian approach is more suitable for our clients.

Interviews and testimonials are a powerful tool for growing your brand and demonstrating your company’s value to its clients and prospective customers. There’s no need for special effects and the post-production work is minimal because interviews and testimonials focus on clearly communicating your brand’s message directly without the unnecessary foofaraw commonly found in television commercials.

In addition, since interviews and testimonials aren’t technically TV-friendly — since they usually stretch past the 15- to 60-second length associated with commercials — there’s no need to pay for advertising space. Instead, you can boost your ad spend online to increase engagement with your target audience. Promoting your interview or testimonial through these digital channels allows for a much greater degree of customization than television ads that target a general demographic during a specific time slot.

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Interviews allow your team to showcase their expertise, while testimonials offer your clients a chance to talk about their experience with your company.

Presentations and Tutorials

Whereas interviews and testimonials are designed to introduce your brand and encourage prospective customers to utilize your services, presentations and tutorials are a tool for educating your target audience about relevant topics that can have a direct effect on your professional relationship.

Although the quality of presentations and tutorials largely depend on your budget, the most important aspect of this type of video content is your information. Is your information clearly stated for your target audience? Is the audio and visual quality of your video sufficient for users on mobile? Have you developed a clear, attractive title for your video that will entice users outside of your target audience?

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Presentations and tutorials show that you’re actively working to help your industry grow and prosper by contributing valuable resources to your customers and the world beyond.

It only takes a few minutes to create an account and start posting videos on Youtube using your existing Google account. Your videos can be shared across social media or embedded on web pages as a resource for visitors. Once you have proven your value to enough users, you will start to amass subscribers and establish your case as a bonafide thought leader in your industry. Youtube has expanded their default upload size to 15 minutes, but you can upload videos up to 12 hours long once you verify your Google account. This allows for virtually endless flexibility, so post as much or as little as you desire, but always remember to stay on brand!

Are you ready to start publishing content that outshines your competition and provides more value for your customers? Video content allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level to express your ideas and proliferate your brand’s message. You can start shooting promotional video content for your brand today. Our videographer has all the tips and tools to help you round out your marketing efforts with professional video content that resonates with your target audience and delivers more traffic to your website.

Ready to partner with an award-winning agency that delivers results? Let’s get started.