How Design Can Impact Conversion

The design of your website can mean the difference in converting a new customer versus losing a potential customer. Building a strong design foundation should be the first priority. You should be designing with user experience in mind. How do potential customers flow through your website? Is it easy for them to locate the information they are seeking? If you aren’t using basic design principles, you run the risk of losing potential customers because of your website design.

Design Principles Convert

Using basic design principles increases conversion rates and customer engagement. Visual hierarchy is one of the key components of design, the flow should convert clients with ease. Visual hierarchy includes calling attention to important elements with color, size, shape, etc. With this flow, customer engagement increases because the design leads users to the end product.

Make Users Happy

Design is an integral part of any highly functional website. If your website is a trap that sends potential customers in circles, they will become frustrated and leave. You only get one chance to make a first impression, don’t frustrate your site visitors with bad design!

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