Combine Traditional Marketing With Search Marketing For Better Results

A More Complete Strategy

Search marketing strategies, such as SEO and paid search, and traditional marketing strategies, such as T.V., print, and radio are often perceived as mutually exclusive, when in fact, combining these marketing strategies often generates better results. Each of these strategies can be looked at as two puzzle pieces that make up a more complete marketing solution. By putting these two puzzle pieces together, they can complement each other and be more effective than one strategy alone at promoting your business and increasing sales.

Traditional marketing and search marketing can work together to push a prospective customer further along in the purchase process, from becoming aware of your company to becoming a customer.

Awareness Increases Conversion Probability

Let’s take the following example. It’s Monday night and Jim’s at home relaxing, watching his favorite T.V. show. During one of the breaks, he sees a commercial for a traffic attorney. In that moment, he doesn’t think anything about it. The following morning he’s running late to work and doesn’t realize he’s speeding until he hears the sirens of the police car about to pull him over. Jim can’t afford anymore points on his license. So, he decides to hire a traffic attorney. He remembers seeing a commercial for just such an attorney the night before, but doesn’t remember the name of the law firm. So, he does a quick Google search for “traffic attorney tampa,” and a list of law firms that specialize in traffic law show up in the search results. He recognizes one of the listings near the top of the page, because it’s the law firm whose commercial he saw the night before. He decides to give them a call.

So, what happened here? It’s simple. Jim saw a brand he recognized that provided a service he needed at that moment. Had he not seen the law firm’s commercial the night before, he wouldn’t have recognized it when performing a Google search. In addition, if the law firm did not have a search marketing strategy in place that ensured a first page ranking, Jim most likely would not have found the law firm’s Web site. In this scenario, the law firm had a traditional marketing strategy in place that made Jim aware of the law firm’s existence, and a search marketing strategy that allowed Jim to find them easily when he needed them.

When developing your marketing plan, consider a balanced combination of traditional marketing to create awareness and recognition, and search marketing to act as a catalyst for converting prospective customers into paying customers.

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