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Become an industry leader with one of the best pay-per-click agencies in Tampa working behind the scenes to fortify the digital presence of your business. 

Become the authority and dominate your local market.

Find and convert customers with a proven process we’ve developed over the last decade that positions you as the authority in your local market and makes you the clear choice.

“Initially, I hired LEVERAGE to revamp and modernize my firm’s website. I was so impressed with their level of professionalism, work product and customer service that I retained  them for an ongoing SEO campaign.”

Trent Cotney, CEO

Cotney Construction Law

Our Process

As one of the top pay-per-click agencies in Tampa, we’ve perfected a process over the last 10+ years that will position you as the authority in your local market, attract the right customers, generate qualified leads, and give customers a reason to come back time and time again.


Position you as the authority in your market.

Everyone wants to work with the best. We position you as an authority, making you the obvious choice in your local market.


Attract the customers you want to work with.

Not all customers are created equal. We design our strategy to attract the customers you actually want to work with.


Convert leads into new business, faster.

Your time is too valuable to deal with tire kickers. We focus on generating motivated leads that are ready to convert.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

The most profitable customers are the ones who return. We implement retention strategies to increase engagement frequency and value.

Paid Search

Businesses who employ a PPC strategy can hold down first-page real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs) to improve visibility, but budgeting your advertising expenditures wisely is easier said than done.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a direct response lead generation tactic that can greatly increase the amount of traffic being directed to your website. Businesses who employ a PPC strategy can hold down first-page real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs) to improve visibility, but budgeting your advertising expenditures wisely is easier said than done.

As one of the top pay-per-click agencies in Tampa, LEVERAGE can help you grow your business by initiating a top-tier PPC strategy aimed at maximizing your budget and getting you the results you desire. Our digital marketing specialists can help you gain access to leads you never knew existed through a comprehensive and varied approach to PPC. At the end of the day, what matters most to you is growing your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you accomplish this goal by pairing you with a PPC strategist who possesses a deep understanding of your brand, audience, and growth objectives.

Grow Your Business with One of the Best Pay-Per-Click Agencies in Tampa

Whether you’re a local business owner in the area or an established business with offices in multiple states, any business can benefit from a successful PPC strategy. One of the best aspects of PPC is that it works fast to help your company grow by reaching your target audience at times when they’re most likely to convert.

The PPC Model is easy to explain but tough to master. Your ad spend will be determined by the number of clicks your ad receives. In other words, you only pay for potential conversions. This makes PPC an attractive form of advertising for businesses looking to break out in the digital space; however, this strategy must still be optimized for success by a PPC strategist. At LEVERAGE, your PPC strategy will be customized to provide the best possible return on investment thereby saving you money and increasing conversions for your website.

4 Benefits of a Professional PPC Strategy

There are numerous benefits to using PPC advertising as a component of your digital marketing strategy including:

Fast, Measurable Results: Once you have a professionally designed website from one of the top web developers in Tampa, a PPC strategist can launch your campaign and commence driving traffic to your website. We can start tracking the success of your campaign almost instantaneously by measuring the number of views, clicks, visits, and more to ensure that you’re satisfied with the results.

Reach Your Audience: PPC strategists can customize where and when ads will appear by targeting keywords, locations, websites, devices, times and dates, and more. This flexibility helps you display your products or services before the audience that has the highest chance of conversion.

  • Boost Local Business: Since PPC can target your local audience accurately, it’s great for pulling prospective local clients into your marketing funnel. If you are always on the first page when locals perform searches, you naturally have a better chance of converting them. If you don’t occupy these important paid spaces on SERPs, your competitors undoubtedly will.
  • Control Your Budget: Your PPC strategy will never exceed your budget. Our team will develop a sensible and cost-effective strategy to ensure that you are getting the maximum ROI for your budget.

Award Winning

Our work has garnered over 50 national and international awards. Why does this matter? Because you want peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the best.



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