Cotney Construction Law, LLP has grown from a modest, Tampa-based law firm to the foremost provider of legal services aimed at strengthening the construction industry across the United States. Today, the Cotney Construction Law brand is synonymous with success in one of our nation’s most important industries.



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Construction Law


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360° Digital Marketing Overhaul

“Initially, I hired LEVERAGE to revamp and modernize my firm’s website. I was so impressed with their level of professionalism, work product and customer service that I retained them for SEO and social media management.”

Trent Cotney, CEO

Cotney Construction Law


In 2013, Cotney Construction Law realized that, while their legal services were second to none, their online presence and overall brand awareness was lacking, which severely limited their ability to generate valuable leads.


LEVERAGE developed a comprehensive strategy involving four distinct components to help CCL distinguish itself from the competition. First, we designed a responsive website combining style and substance equally to engage users and drive conversions. Next, we curated a focused SEO campaign to boost organic traffic and provide CCL’s clients with an unprecedented library of content focused specifically on construction law. We then deployed a retargeting campaign to help ensure CCL remained top of mind while recapturing previously lost opportunities. Finally, we established CCL’s footprint on social media, giving customers more opportunities to connect and engage with their brand.


Within a span of five years, LEVERAGE was able to increase website traffic by 9232%. Meanwhile, their social media audience grew by 1589%, leading to more likes, shares, and follows as indicated by a 1209% spike in engagement. With a 685% increase in monthly leads, CCL was able to expand into 14 other markets stretching from Florida to Oregon.  What started as a team of two ambitious construction law attorneys focused on making a difference in the Tampa Bay area has now grown to over 30 attorneys representing clients nationwide.


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