Richard George | The Keys to Advancing Your Organization’s Mission & Ensuring Success

Episode 1 - Richard George - The Purpose Driven Leader with Jay Taylor

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Richard George, President of the 12th largest Junior Achievement in the nation, explains the impact that Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay has on more than 60,000 students annually.

Richard shares the keys to advancing your organization’s mission and ensuring its success, such as fiscal responsibility, engaging in community partnerships, attracting the right people, and organizational culture. He also shares the number one reason people support non-profits, and it’s not what you might think.

Whether you lead a non-profit or a purpose driven for-profit, this episode is packed with incredible insights from Richard’s experience leading Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay for over 38 years.

Junior Achievement Tampa Bay’s Impact: “JA Tampa Bay offers over 20 experiential, hands on learning experiences that help students, grades k-12, discover and apply entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy concepts and skills.”

Community Partnerships and Attracting the Right People: “It used to be with JA that board members represent their company, but now it’s personal. We have people that stay way beyond retirement. One of my longest relationships with a board member that I still work with today is Tom James of Raymond James- I met him 38 years ago. Tom really gets it, he is one of the toughest calls every year because he challenges you to do better things, think creatively and solve problems. That is how you really grow as a leader.”

No Money, No Mission: “You can have a great mission, but if you don’t have financial resources you will be reliant on volunteer support.”

Successful Planning, Peer Groups and Mentors: “There are many helpful leadership tips that George shares with us. One of the key takeaways from this episode he stated is to become well acquainted with peers that you inspire to be like. George has found a group of leaders with similar goals that push him to not only be a better leader, but a better individual overall. His advice is to attend that national conference, or whatever your company may put on, in an effort to meet people that have the same purpose and drive that you have.”

Being Passionate About What you Do: “Don’t default just to getting up, you need to have a reason. Find a purpose in your work every day. You’ll know it when you feel it, you’ll just fall upon it.”

A Culture That Doesn’t Accept Mediocracy: “Our whole company culture is the fact that we do not accept mediocrity. This is not just a job, all these people care so much. Our turnover rate is practically none, because people love what they are doing.”

The #1 Reason People Support Non-Profits: “The #1 reason why people support non-profits is the trust in the leadership- not the mission. Having a strong leadership team that people can trust is the biggest way to gain and maintain support for a nonprofit organization.”