New Review Extensions for Google AdWords

On June 27th, Google announced the new beta release of AdWords Review Extensions, which will now allow businesses to include a snippet of a testimonial or review from a third party right on their search ad. This new extension could be very beneficial to businesses looking to increase their credibility within their search ads.

Review Extensions Details

As shown in the provided image above, businesses will have the opportunity to submit either a direct quotation of the review or a summary of the main point of the review. The review snippet will be placed on the bottom of the search ad followed by the name of the source publication, which will be linked to the publication’s website. This is where the destination URL can be set to the page where the full review is showcased. Clicks on the this link will not be counted as chargeable by Google.

The review snippets will be limited to 67 characters, including the number of characters in the source publication name, and all review snippets must be of high-quality and from a reputable third party source.

All reviews must be pre-approved for use by the source publication and must comply with standard AdWords policies. To prevent abuse from spammers and questionable businesses, and to help ensure policy compliance, Google has put in place automated and human-based systems to review and validate all review extensions.

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