How to Elevate Your Digital Marketing With Video

When it comes to video marketing, 86 percent of marketers who use video report that it has been effective for generating leads. You may be wondering, “What is it about video marketing that makes it so impactful?” 

One of the most beneficial aspects is that it demonstrates your products or services in a more visually-engaging way than words or still images. In fact, 94 percent of marketers agree that video has helped increase user understanding about their products or services. Moving forward, video will continue to be an important tool in the branding toolbox. 

Here are some reasons why business owners and marketers benefit from investing in video, and ways you can incorporate video into your digital marketing efforts today.

Benefits of Video for Business Owners and Marketers

There are many benefits of video that business owners and marketers alike can enjoy. Let’s start with business owners. 

If you’re a business owner, video is more than just an attractive and trendy marketing tool. As mentioned previously, video has been proven to drive lead generation. Content that features authentic storytelling, shows off products and services, and builds trust with your audience helps grow qualified leads. 

With these leads comes more customers. And with more customers comes more revenue. In fact, 80 percent of businesses that use video report that it has helped them to increase sales. Utilizing video can also promote your brand’s unique personality, differentiating it from competitors in a saturated market.

For marketers, video provides another kind of value.

Video content on social media has a 1200 percent share rate compared to images and text combined. And, online videos make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic today. 

To reap the full benefits that video has to offer, it’s important to feature video content on website pages as well as in email newsletters. This is particularly beneficial for SEO purposes, helping to increase rankings and in turn increase visibility for the brand. When reporting results to clients and others in the C-suite, these heightened engagement rates, impressions, and conversions are sure to impress. 

Use Video to Tell Your Brand Story

The kinds of stories we tell about ourselves, and our brands, can make an immense difference in how consumers perceive and engage with us. If your brand is looking to tell its story, video may be a powerful medium to do so. 

Video storytelling can guide viewers through narratives that discuss their core values and spark an emotional connection. Through emotion, brands can connect on a more human level.

When telling your story through video, it’s important to define your goals, your audience, and your distribution channels. For example, a family-owned brand may have a goal of promoting their heritage story to connect with families like them. These videos may also be repurposed across social media platforms, television commercials, and paid search advertisements. 

Use Video to Build Trust

More than just visually appealing, video can help build trust for your brand among your audience. This trust serves as the foundation of long-lasting relationships between a brand and its customers. 46 percent of surveyed consumers report that they would be willing to pay more for a brand that they trust. 

Coherence and transparency through video can help customers feel more connected to a brand’s message. In addition to sharing an authentic brand story, video can help those skeptical about purchasing a product or investing in a service they’ve never used before. Video can answer frequently asked questions, demonstrate uses, and help customers troubleshoot in a more efficient way. 

By allowing these videos to live on your website and social media platforms, this provides your customers easy access to in-depth information about your brand, its products, and its services, at the click of a button.

Invest in Video for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2020, 90 percent of consumers increased their video consumption habits. 9 out of 10 of these consumers also reported that they would like to see more brands and businesses utilizing video. Is your brand ready to elevate its storytelling, authenticity, trustworthiness, and value? 

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