Google Sends Mobile-Usability Warnings to Webmasters

Mobile Search is a High Priority For Google

In an unprecedented move by Google, webmasters of sites that are not mobile-friendly are receiving warning notifications on a mass scale that mobile-usability issues are present and their website will be ranked accordingly for smartphone devices. This comes after Google recently began providing mobile-friendly labels in mobile search results for websites that are optimized for mobile. Specific changes to the search algorithm have not been announced, but it is clear that supplying mobile-users with a positive experience is a very high priority for Google.

What Does this Mean for Your Organization?

If your organization relies on search visibility and search traffic in any capacity to generate new business, but fails to implement a mobile-friendly website soon, chances are your organization will be negatively affected by these impending changes. As a Tampa website design company that specializes in SEO, we highly recommend responsive web design as a solution for making your organization’s website mobile-friendly. This is Google’s recommendation as well.

It’s time to understand and appreciate the prevalence of mobile search. More and more people rely on their mobile devices to search for information, and Google is having to adapt to this change in consumer behavior. As such, Google must reward websites that help them provide users with a positive mobile search experience in the form of higher rankings, and penalize websites that hinder these efforts.


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