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Become the authority and dominate your local market.

Find and convert customers with a proven process we’ve developed over the last decade that positions you as the authority in your local market and makes you the clear choice.

“Initially, I hired LEVERAGE to revamp and modernize my firm’s website. I was so impressed with their level of professionalism, work product and customer service that I retained  them for an ongoing SEO campaign.”

Trent Cotney, CEO

Cotney Construction Law

Our Process

As one of the best social media marketing agencies in Tampa, we’ve perfected a process over the last 10+ years that will position you as the authority in your local market, attract the right customers, generate qualified leads, and give customers a reason to come back time and time again.


Position you as the authority in your market.

Everyone wants to work with the best. We position you as an authority, making you the obvious choice in your local market.


Attract the customers you want to work with.

Not all customers are created equal. We design our strategy to attract the customers you actually want to work with.


Convert leads into new business, faster.

Your time is too valuable to deal with tire kickers. We focus on generating motivated leads that are ready to convert.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

The most profitable customers are the ones who return. We implement retention strategies to increase engagement frequency and value.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you take advantage of the innumerable benefits of social media marketing to grow your brand and engage your audience.

Billions of people utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day. Whether they’re chatting with friends, looking up events, reading reviews about local businesses, or engaging with content, there’s no ignoring the fact that the average adult spends 11 hours a day interacting with media in some form or another. Four years ago, that number was nine hours and 32 minutes a day, and it continues to rise as more and more people rely on the internet for their everyday needs.

Nearly 70 percent of adults have Facebook profiles and now, more and more businesses are getting in on the trend. Other platforms, especially Instagram, are being updated to cater to the needs of businesses in more ways than ever before. If your business isn’t visible on these widely used social media platforms, you could be missing out on the opportunity to not only increase brand recognition but generate valuable leads as well.

As one of the best social media marketing agencies in Tampa, LEVERAGE offers a suite of services related to growing your company’s social media presence. Together, we can help you take advantage of the innumerable benefits of social media marketing.

Increase Brand Recognition with the One of the Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Tampa

There are four primary social media platforms that provide the greatest benefit for businesses: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook has evolved into a veritable microcosm of the internet where users can interact with businesses just as easily as they can with friends and family. Using Facebook’s robust suite of promotional tools, businesses can reach their target audience to cultivate a more personal connection while increasing brand recognition.

Instagram is another powerful tool for businesses. This visually focused platform allows you to give your target audience a peek at your day-to-day operations, promote high-value posts for increased visibility, and even link to products and services through engaging images.

While Facebook and Instagram have evolved to better accommodate the needs of businesses, Twitter and LinkedIn have unique properties that make them effective, too. Twitter is great for providing quick updates, sharing links, and expressing your company’s thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your business and attracting quality hires. When you partner with one of the top social media marketing agencies in Tampa, like LEVERAGE, your business will be able to take advantage of these important tools to meet your growth objectives.

Consistent Social Media Marketing Strengthens Your Brand

Social media marketing is a full-time job that requires a high degree of consistency to achieve measurable results. Our agency helps clients increase their brand recognition and grow their business on social media by:

    • Posting daily
    • Vetting content
    • Ensuring consistency across social media platforms
    • Promoting high-value posts with paid ad tools
    • Writing witty, attention-grabbing copy
    • Sourcing photos or working in tandem with the graphic design department to create compelling content
    • Formatting posts according to each platform’s guidelines
    • Incorporating links
    • Tracking the growth of client socials
    • Interacting with users 

Is your business benefitting from a professional social media marketing strategy? There’s no limit to the ways you can promote your business on social media. Let LEVERAGE, one of the best social media marketing agencies in Tampa, help your business dominate your industry with a comprehensive, customized social media strategy.

Award Winning

Our work has garnered over 50 national and international awards. Why does this matter? Because you want peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the best.



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