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Become an industry leader with one of the top marketing companies in Tampa working behind the scenes to fortify the digital presence of your business. 

Become the authority and dominate your local market.

Find and convert customers with a proven process we’ve developed over the last decade that positions you as the authority in your local market and makes you the clear choice.

“Initially, I hired LEVERAGE to revamp and modernize my firm’s website. I was so impressed with their level of professionalism, work product and customer service that I retained  them for an ongoing SEO campaign.”

Trent Cotney, CEO

Cotney Construction Law

Our Process

As one of the best creative agencies in Tampa, we’ve perfected a process over the last 10+ years that will position you as the authority in your local market, attract the right customers, generate qualified leads, and give customers a reason to come back time and time again.


Position you as the authority in your market.

Everyone wants to work with the best. We position you as an authority, making you the obvious choice in your local market.


Attract the customers you want to work with.

Not all customers are created equal. We design our strategy to attract the customers you actually want to work with.


Convert leads into new business, faster.

Your time is too valuable to deal with tire kickers. We focus on generating motivated leads that are ready to convert.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers.

The most profitable customers are the ones who return. We implement retention strategies to increase engagement frequency and value.


Business owners spend years developing their brand to differentiate themselves from competitors. The power of a strong brand can’t be overstated.

When you know that your company is supplying the best products and services, but you’re not at the top of your industry, you’ll naturally question what you’re doing wrong. The answer may not be that you’re doing something wrong; in fact, it may be that you’re simply not utilizing all of the tools available to help your business grow.

As one of the best marketing companies in Tampa, LEVERAGE has been serving clients in the Tampa Bay area for over 10 years. Specializing in digital marketing, LEVERAGE takes a customized approach to each and every client to ensure that they meet their growth objectives while trimming down unnecessary or ineffective spending.

Partner with One of the Top Marketing Companies in Tampa

Tampa is already recognized as one of the great advertising hubs in the United States, but LEVERAGE stands apart by refusing to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to serving our clients. Not only are we one of the top marketing companies in Tampa, but we are also one of the best creative agencies in Tampa, too. Therefore, we employ a unique strategy for every client we take on. When you work with LEVERAGE, your company will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy: SEO, PPC, Social Media … LEVERAGE utilizes every available digital marketing technique to create a curated strategy for each of our clients.


  • Measurable Results: Monthly budget and performance audits ensure that you are always aware of what is happening on our end. We’ll provide you with in-depth reports to show that we’re accountable for our award-winning results.


  • In-House Content Creation: We never outsource any aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s photography, video production, graphic design, SEO content, or social media, you can rest assured that your campaign is being handled in-house by the talented team at our Westshore office.

Dedicated Web Development and Support: Every business needs an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. We employ frontend and backend developers so you can have the website of your dreams outfitted with popular features like live chat and form submissions. Plus, with dedicated web support to keep your site running smoothly, you won’t have to worry about losing out on potential conversions.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

LEVERAGE has been serving the digital marketing needs of clients throughout the Tampa Bay area for over 10 years. In that time, our clients have expanded into new markets and become leaders in their respective industries. For instance, from December 2013 to December 2018, Cotney Construction Law (CCL) increased their total monthly visitors by 8,151 percent while working with LEVERAGE. They also experienced a 685 percent increase in monthly leads generated which helped them expand into 14 other markets stretching from coast to coast. When CCL first partnered with LEVERAGE, they employed two attorneys. Today, that number has expanded to over 30.

Award Winning

Our work has garnered over 50 national and international awards. Why does this matter? Because you want peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the best.