The Roofing Alliance is the foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), serving as a permanent endowment fund and highly focused resource for roofing professionals. The Roofing Alliance brings together leading contractors, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers committed to securing the future strength and excellence of the roofing industry.



Area of Practice

Foundation of NRCA


Low Brand Awareness


360° Digital Marketing Overhaul


In 2018, the Roofing Alliance realized that their influential and highly respected organization needed an equally strong digital presence. They sought a brand refresh that would clearly communicate their mission paired with a subsequent heightening of their brand awareness.


LEVERAGE developed a strategic plan to update the organization’s branding while still retaining the long-respected core of the Roofing Alliance. We designed a responsive website to engage users and facilitate a heightened awareness of this established yet niche organization. Simultaneously, LEVERAGE launched a full-scale social media campaign across every major platform, utilizing both organic techniques and hyper-targeted paid media efforts.


LEVERAGE was able to increase the Roofing Alliance’s Google rankings by 2,891%, Facebook engagement by 2,677%, Facebook reach by 9,181%, and Facebook total likes by 884%. 

LEVERAGE not only took the Roofing Alliance’s Facebook presence to new heights, but also grew their LinkedIn followers by 357%. In addition to growing these already-existing social media platforms, we created new Twitter and Instagram accounts. Since their inception, we have grown the Roofing Alliance Twitter account by 2,357% and their Instagram account by 368%.


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